Sorry to break your heart, but no, you will not find any articles about caterpillars, or any kind of bugs for that matter, on this blog. Animal Planet might better suit your needs for that one. The idea for this title came to me during sophomore year of High School. I was walking to class with a friend when I noticed a caterpillar slowly trying to play Frogger (anyone remember that game growing up?) and squirm it’s way between the deadly feet of high school teenagers. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I lavishly stopped traffic to help the poor little caterpillar to safety. I have a thing about saving helpless animals (unless you’re a cockroach, in which case my murderous treachery becomes something out of a horror movie). I remembering turning to my friend and, when we were finished laughing about such a ridiculous action, told her that if I ever wrote a book, I would name it “How to Save a Caterpillar.” Spoiler alert: I am beginning to write that very book I told myself I would 8 years ago. In the meantime, since I love to write, I took my totally random title and slapped it on my blog, feeling it was fitting to perfectly express my weird, goofy, sarcastic and ridiculously funny (too far?) personality.

Born and raised in Florida, I’m a local girl with a local flavor. A bit sassy and always classy, I wanted to create a blog that served as my external journal. Maybe I should have named it “I Just Wanna Write” (mandatorily sang to Good Charlotte’s tune “I Just Wanna Live”), or “Reasons for not having to put on pants today.” While I insert humor into most of my pieces, I always speak from my heart and share with you life lessons, words of wisdom, or ideas to see the world in a new way. Everyone needs a little laughter and positivity in this world. As Jimmy Buffet sang, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

Little bit of background/bragging rights/need to add credibility to this blog if I want to attract readers: I am a huge foodie and attended culinary school following college, so will share my knowledge and passion in the form of mouth-watering recipes and reviews. I have been a triathlete for 6 years, so when I talk about fitness tips or tricks, no, I do not have a Ph.D. in health and medicine, yes I do know how to Google extremely well…and, oh yeah, have probably experienced and tested everything I’ve talked about. And I love wine. Enough said. I want this to be a blog that leaves your laughter ringing, your mind changed, your body sexy, and your persona dynamite.