ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon

I love wine, if you haven’t noticed. I also love helping people in any way that I can. So when I found out about ONEHOPE, I immediately knew I had to buy this wine. A portion of the proceeds from any ONEHOPE wine sold goes to over a dozen non-profits, helping plant trees, providing clean drinking water, developing clinical trials or new medications, sheltering animals, aiding in natural disasters, and even providing meals for the homeless. To date, ONEHOPE has made more than $2 million in donation, providing over 2,600 clinical trials for cancer patients, 13,000 forever homes for shelter animals, 1.1 million meals for children, and 33,000 life-saving vaccines. And to think it all started when 8 friends got together and decided to sell their 168 cases they had in a public storage unit.


Most stores only sell the Cabernet Sauvignon or the Chardonnay, and since I am the furthest you can get from a Chardonnay drinker, I went with the Cab. This has definitely become one of my new favorite wines. It was extremely smooth, but rich and thick, coating my throat as I swallowed. From the initial taste through to the finish, this wine bursted with a fullness of flavor, adding a hint of dryness but well-rounded and fruity at the same time (although not too overpowering, still keeping with the red wine qualities I prefer). While the tannic structure was quite light for a cab, there was a hint of oak that I quite appreciated that made up for it. Chocolate and dark berries finished off the palate.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars, easily. I am excited to explore more of their wines.

Here are a few fun facts about the ONEHOPE winery.

  • One of Napa Valley’s premier leaders in water and energy conservation with regards to the winery, vineyard, and estate
  • #1 selling wine brand out of over 10,000 on Amazon Wines
  • 100+ medals have been awarded to the wine portfolio
  • Names Empact100’s Social Business of the Year in 2012


Below is the link to the website to learn more. The winery recently produced a Riesling and Rose to add to the collection. Or, if you’re feeling really crazy and fun, they even sell Gold Glitter Brut Sparkling Wine.


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