Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day List

I have never been a fan of the commercialized, Hallmark, have-to-do-something-because-the-calendar-says-so holiday that has come to be known as Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure I’m far from the only one. However, I am trying to approach today with a different attitude this year. I am a very optimistic, happy person 99% of the time, so why on this uber romantic icky “singles awareness day for me for the longest time” day do I let that negative 1% take control of me? Instead, I have decided to embrace my sassy, quirky, single loveable self and make it a day to celebrate life in general, and loving who I am as an individual, sans chocolate, wine, elaborately wrapped gift baskets and a s/o in sexy attire.

And so, drumroll please, I made a non-traditional Valentine’s Day post and created a list of the top five things not to do and the top five things to do to achieve bliss and love yourself.


First let’s get this out of the way: here are the top five things you should never do:


  1. Watch a scary movie in just your underpants while home alone with all the lights off
  2. Ride a roller coaster after eating an entire turkey leg by yourself
  3. Write your crush a handwritten note pouring out your heart to him and place it in his mailbox knowing full well he is your neighbor and you’ll have to see him every day even though he didn’t reciprocate said intense emotional feelings
  4. Blast the song “Shots” driving through a school zone with your windows down
  5. Play capture the flag in the pool with a pool skimmer as your flag (spoiler alert: it hurts to get hit with and could possibly cause a giant gush in your wrist in which case you’ll have to evacuate the pool and stuff a billion Kleenex around it to stop it bleeding before you can get stiches)


***Disclaimer, I may or may not have done all of these things which is why I feel I have the authority to tell you NOT to do them***


But here are the top five things you should always do, every single day:


  1. Thank God (or Buddha, Allah, Brahman, Satan if you’re into that, your dog Fido, or even you’re surrounding aura) for being alive.
  2. Love unconditionally and fiercely (And tell those people that you love them before it’s too late)
  3. Dream (I know that one is a little vague, but one of my favorite quotes states “The day you stop dreaming is the day you die.” And clearly I’m too young to die.)
  4. Smile (Quote time again: “Smile every day. You never know who is falling in love with it.”)
  5. Eat (I know this one seems obvious, but by eat I mean, don’t just eat to live. Eat to thrive, to be healthy, to be the best you. But for god’s sake, eat that damn piece of chocolate if you want it!)


Remember that you don’t need someone to complete you. You are a beautiful, individual, badass soul and deserve to have an amazing, love-centered day not just once out of the year. So be you, own it, and love the heck out of life.


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