First and Local Red Wine



Happy Wine Wednesday! While I have yet to participate in any actual Wine Wednesday events, I definitely drink enough wine during every other day of the week to bring you a new wine review to grace your festive “I need a reason to drink during the middle of the week” mindset.

Today’s wine selection comes to you courtesy of Total Wine’s “Top 20” list. I read A LOT about wine and wine ratings, so when I came across this top 20 list, I naturally perused it to find ones that sounded interesting to my palate. Introducing: First and Local Red Wine.

Now, I’m sure you’re assuming that, since this wine was on a top 20 list, it is going to be a home run, hit out of the park? Honestly, not the case at all. I found this wine, well…average. Mediocre at best. Not to say it was horrible. It was just nothing to lose sleep over.

I would consider this an easily drinkable, Netflix marathon kinda wine. It didn’t have the depth I like from blends, especially coming primarily from Syrah and Petit Syrah grape varietals. The Zin definitely took over to lend the wine a little more juiciness that warranted. Honestly, it reminded me of a Pinot Noir. Light, crisp, a slight peppery hint and some dark berries, followed by cocoa sneaking up for the finish. Definitely not a heavy tannic structure, which left me wanting more of a lingering that I like from deeper and drier red wines.

I think this wine got better the more it was left to breath. I paired it at one point with spicy food, and the result was quite pleasant. The pairing actually brought a little bit of spiciness to the wine, adding more dimension which was a nice surprise. I only wish I could slap a bit more oak into this wine. It has potential that hasn’t been fully reached, like it was bottled too early.

All in all, for the price, go for it. 3 out of 5.


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