Christmas at Biltmore Limited Release

Another holiday passed, which means there had to have been an extravagant holiday dinner. And with that Who-pudding and Who-Roast Beast (Grinch reference for you non-Christmas movie obsessed people like me), there has to be a Who-wine (ok, so I made that one up). Cue….drumroll please…Christmas at Biltmore Limited Release.


Every year, Biltmore Winery creates both a red and white wine specifically dedicated to Christmas. So naturally, that had to be on my table this year. (One of my previous reviews was on a Biltmore wine and included a tidbit about the winery if you want to check it out here.)

My initial reaction to the Christmas red: Interesting wine. The color is reminiscent of the non-alcoholic Welch’s grape juice I used to drink as a kid. The initial taste, in a way, mirrored that. Jammy and juicy, the sweetness unexpected from a red wine hit my pallet instantly. However, the middle and end notes transformed the sweetness into more of a dry, medium-bodied, berry forward wine I’m used to from my Zinfandels. Medium tannic structure. This wine was a hit for red wine drinkers across the board. I, however, while I enjoyed it for its easily drinkable properties and lightness that accented the heavy holiday meal well, but would not go for this on a normal night. I expected more Christmas spices to be present in the wine. In my opinion, this should be marketed as summer wine. I prefer the Biltmore’s other selections a bit better.

3.5 out of 5.



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