Biltmore Estate Limited Release Merlot

Biltmore Estates provides a teaser by smacking the word “limited release” on this one; such a great wine leaves drinkers wishing this would make it onto their regular wine list. Sigh. It definitely makes for a unique, flavorful wine experience, however.


The older French barrel strongly shows in the characteristics of this deep ruby red wine. My nose got hit with the smell of fresh baking spices. The taste followed suit perfectly. Warm, inviting, and a bit spicy, with flavors like clove and cinnamon coming to the forefront. This wine demonstrated a rich flavor a bit bolder than a normal Merlot. Dry with a full-bodied texture start to finish and an excellent mouthfeel. It was quite earthy and oaky. Vanilla and tobacco notes finish off an excellent tannic finale that left that tingly, lingering feel I want from a quality dry red wine.


Biltmore Estates is a 90,000 square foot facility that produces and bottles their own wines. Richard Morris Hunt, the architect for Biltmore House, opened the winery in 1985 by converting an old dairy barn. The area includes 94 acres of vineyards and works collectively with the estate’s agricultural program of cattle, sheer, and an extensive kitchen garden that supplies the property’s four restaurants. Biltmore Winery allows guests the unique opportunity to tour its fermenting and bottling rooms and, of course, sample all the local wines. This is not the first wine I have tried from Biltmore Estates and will certainly not be the last. Each one I have had has received at least a 4 out of 5 star rating. Worth the price, and worth the drive up to North Carolina if you are looking for a weekend getaway.




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